👋 Hi, I'm Kefei!

Vancouver-based UX/UI designer with a passion for creating intuitive and engaging user experiences. With over three years of experience in the industry, I've honed my skills in user research and usability testing to identify pain points and transform them into innovative design solutions.

💡I've led UX/UI design projects for various digital products, including video games, websites, and applications. I thrive in Agile environments and am committed to collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver products that not only delight users but also drive business success.

Currently, I'm designing user(player) experiences for video games @Sprung Studios.

I'm a lifelong learner 📚 and am always seeking opportunities to expand my skillset and stay up-to-date with industry trends. With my dedication to continuous improvement and strong communication skills, I'm confident that I can be an asset to any team focused on creating memorable user experiences.

If you have an exciting project or just want to connect, please feel free to reach out. Let's chat! 🤝

Outside of 9-5

Outside of the UX design world, I am a content creator on Chinese social media sites Bilibili, Weibo and Red, with a total following of 155k subscribers and 10 million views.

I love sharing what I learn along the way. What drew me to make videos is the same thing that drew me to UX design, the ability to influence people with visual storytelling.

My Career

My Education

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