Me and Design

I'm a Vancouver-based UX designer who is passionate about bridging cultural gaps by designing empathy-led, creative digital solutions.

I started my design career as a digital designer for an art business company. Working with a web developer to redesign the company’s website made me realize that UX design is where my passion lies, which led me to pursue and complete a UX Design Diploma at BrainStation.

Currently, I'm currently designing user(player) experience for video games @Koolhaus Games.

Outside of 9-5

Outside of the UX design world, I am a content creator on Chinese social media sites Bilibili, Weibo and Red, with a total following of 155k subscribers and 10 million views.

I love sharing what I learn along the way. What drew me to make videos is the same thing that drew me to UX design, the ability to influence people with visual storytelling.

My Career

My Education

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